iPad iPhone Photography

Instructor: Mim Keo

(Video: Mim tells you all about the class)

Tuesday │October 8 | 7:00-9:30 pm | $75 | All Levels | FCA Gallery

Learn how to get the best from your photos and use the apps to transform them into amazing digital artworks.
This class is designed for IOS (Apple) iPhone and iPad users. Use the camera you always have with you to capture the world as you see it. Join the workshop to increase your knowledge of photography, using the native camera on your iPhone or iPad.
You can also edit the photos you have taken with your big camera on your iPhone or iPad. You will learn how to use new apps that improve your photos and new apps that make them into digital paintings.
You will receive a confirmation email with a list of the apps you will be using. The cost of these apps will total not more than $11.
Only the first 10 students will be accepted in order to provide supportive instruction to each person at all levels.



Mim majored in Art at the George Washington University when the art studios were in the Corcoran School of Art. After graduation, she joined the Peace Corps and went to Thailand. After appreciating the Thai ceramics, she returned to the US to study clay at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. There she was juried in and worked at the Hollin Hills studio at the Torpedo Factory Art Center for 20 years, creating, demonstrating, exhibiting and selling her sculpture and pottery. Concomitantly, she worked for the Fairfax County Government in the area of domestic violence for 30 years.

After retiring from both jobs, Mim studied photography online and locally for many years. She was delighted to learn how to handle DSLR’s as well as iPhones. With her art background and love of Impressionism, she developed a style of photography that emulates paintings and watercolors. She uses many apps on her iPad Pro to edit her photos.

Many of her photos are of landscapes, flowers, reflections, architecture and wildlife and most become “digital paintings” with her edits. She exhibits her work on Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr. She is an Honorary Lifetime Member at the Torpedo Factory and exhibits at Falls Church Arts. She belongs to many photography groups around the world within Facebook and credits those photographers with much of her inspiration and knowledge. She also participates in the Virginia Beltway Photography Meet Up Group.




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