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Finger-Painting for Adults: Creating Your Own Abstract Figure Art – Online

Instructor: Erin Pedati

Saturday | May 1, 2021 | 2:00-4:00 pm | all levels | $75 | online by Zoom

In this workshop, attendees will learn a variety of traditional and playful mark-making techniques and ideas to create their own figure-based art.

Core concepts and skills to be developed:

  • Capturing the energy of a pose/model
  • Basic anatomy/structure
  • Fluidity/flexibility of materials
  • Sense of expression/play
  • Importance of generating one’s own mark
  • Understanding of texture/scale/mood/color

Students will walk away with an overview of figurative abstraction, looking to female painters such as Jennifer Packer, Marlene Dumas, and Joan Brown as inspiration, and confidence in their own ability to draw/paint the most challenging subject, the human body.


Class size is limited, so register soon. The Zoom link information will be on your registration confirmation. 

Supply List:

  • Acrylic or watercolor paint
  • Late gloves (optional)
  • Straws
  • Brushes (any kind/size)
  • Sponges, cling wrap, old rag/t-shirts, (basically any unique mark-making devise you have. This is a great way to play with old cosmetics brushes/sponges/self-tan mitts, etc.)
  • Pencil/pastel/charcoal
  • 19×24 watercolor/heavy weight paper (several sheets) You can also use a smaller size if needed, just as long as the paper is thick and you have lots of it!

You can find all of these supplies at Michael’s or online from Amazon or Blick art supplies.

Erin Pedati

 Erin Pedati is an award-winning creative who uses just about anything she can find to express herself: paints, charcoal, typography, digital design, lipstick. Her focus is primarily on the human figure and how physical materials can directly express movement, thoughts, and mood in an abstract way. She has been featured in several shows in the DC/Northern Virginia area. She lives and works outside of Washington, DC, with her rescue rabbit, Trixie. You can learn  more by visiting erinpedati.com or on Instagram @studio_ekp.

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