Falls Church Arts

FCA Artist Cafe and Critique – Tues., Sept. 7

FCA Artist Cafe and Critique is taking a break for the summer – no meetings July and August. The group will resume its discussions in September.

First Monday of the month (If Monday is a holiday, the group will meet on the first Tuesday)│ noon–2:00 pm │ free and open to all levels │in person at Falls Church Arts Gallery beginning in September

Join creative artists in a Falls Church Arts monthly discussion and critique group. Bring a piece of art you’d like feedback on—something new or old, something in progress or complete—and our community of artists will share their thoughts. The meeting is open to all so invite your artist friends. Feel free to join even if you don’t have a piece to share this time. If you have questions, email our facilitator, Pamela Huffman, at info@fallschurcharts.org.

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