Falls Church Arts

Barb Cram (1947-2020)

We have lost an irreplaceable treasure. Since she became a part of Falls Church Arts nearly twenty years ago, Barb made it her mission to become our champion, our strongest advocate, and in those efforts became our dearest friend. Her success is measured both in Falls Church Art’s standing today and, more importantly, in the friends she made and people she inspired along that journey.
Of course we as an organization will miss her. But we – each of us who knew her, loved her, and keep treasured memories of her in our hearts – will miss her far beyond mere words or measures of achievements.
Barb is with us in our hearts forever.
If you wish to honor Barb, her family asks that in lieu of flowers you DONATE to organizations Barb loved, Falls Church Arts, in particular.
If you would like to post comments honoring Barb, CLICK HERE for the “In Memoriam” Facebook page set up by her family. 

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