Falls Church Arts

Animal Portrait One-Day Workshop – Online

Instructor: Tanya Roland

Saturday | April 24, 2021 | 10:00 am-4:30pm | all levels | $209 | student’s choice of media | online by Zoom
Have you ever wanted to paint your beloved pet, or perhaps a favorite wild animal? Now’s your chance during a one-day workshop.

Bring an image(s) you want to use in your work, or if you can get your pet to sit live, even better! (Bring backup images just in case.) Think about scale and composition. You can always alter it, but it’s good to have some sense before we start. When choosing the size you want to work on, think of how you will use the entire space.
We’ll draw and start painting in the morning, 45-minute break for lunch, and continue painting in the afternoon. 


Class size is limited, so register soon. The Zoom link information will be on your registration confirmation. 

Tanya Roland Artist Statement

Art making/painting has always been sort of a primal urge or need. As my practice gets more and more informed, I get more relaxed and confident in the process. It’s like learning a language. At some point intuition just takes over, and I’m glad to allow it to do so.  
As a long-term meditation and yoga practitioner and teacher, I use painting as a practice in awareness – allowing the “self/mind” to give way to something more spatial and immediate. Trusting what wells up from the depths and breadths of the inside is sort of a foundation for movement toward an unfolding that feels rather authentic. I’ve found that in this openness, the act or sensitivity in “seeing” can become acute so that less is missed. All this helps to remove obstacles between what the mind/eye sees, and how it’s translated through the hand and brush.
I have an abiding interest in color, light and dark – air’s building blocks. I grew up in the film world and worked professionally as a colorist for about 15 years.  
I’ve showed some, taught some, and just continue the journey, learning, making choices, appreciating the beauty in translating perception and expression onto and into the second dimension.

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