Falls Church Arts

Drawing Portraits with Pen and Ink (Mar 3, 2024)

Instructor: Bob Biedrzycki

Sunday | March 3, 2024 | 11:00 am-4:00 pm | all levels | $120 | pen and ink | Falls Church Arts Gallery

Learn how to draw accurate, dynamic portraits from photographs in this one-day workshop. You will learn, step by step:

  • How to compose your portrait within a 9 x 12 format.
  • How to use a grid system to show size and proportion correctly to achieve an accurate likeness.
  • How to create tone and texture with line and crosshatching.


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Bob Biedrzycki has been a Creative Director in Boston, Miami, New York, and Atlanta. A designer for most of his career, he now focuses on his first love, drawing. His work is primarily focused on the face and human figure (although he has drawn the occasional dog). His black and white portraits combine a traditional (grid) approach, along with a unique style all his own.

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