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Collab: Conversations in Art – Call for Entries

all media – works created by two artists in collaboration

As artists, we crave and thrive in community. This unique show invites you to collaborate with a fellow artist. How does this work? There are several ways, for example:

  • Choose an artist friend. Each of you starts one work, then switches halfway through and finishes the other’s piece.
  • Choose an artist friend. Each of you work together on one to two pieces at the same time.
  • Choose an artist friend. Each of you brings an unfinished piece that you’ve worked on before and finishes each other’s work.
  • If you don’t have an artist friend in mind, email us and we will match you with someone.

A few notes: Both artists need to have actively worked on each piece; giving advice or guidance is not enough to be considered for this show. One of the two artists will be deemed the submitting artist and will be responsible for submitting work, conveying juror results to collaborator, drop-off and pick-up of accepted works, and equitable distribution of any sale proceeds to collaborator.

Exhibition: July 2-August 14, 2022
Location: Falls Church Arts Gallery and online
Cash Awards: $150 Juror’s Choice and $50 People’s Choice prizes (both generously made possible by a donation from Cuates Grill, 502 W Broad St. #5, Falls Church VA 20046)
Juror: Glen Kessler

Deadline for submissions: Sunday, June 5, midnight.


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