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Black + White

all media – the visual power of black and white and what’s in between

Artists are invited to submit predominantly black, white, and grey images, paintings, drawings, collages, sculpture. Whatever the medium and technique used, the artwork’s beauty will be reinforced by the use of black and white or greyscale. Predominately black and white works with minimally placed color will also be considered for acceptance. For example, think of Leonid Afremov’s “Loneliness of Autumn” oil painting, which could be considered black and white, even though other colors are minimally present in the painting. Barely noticeable yellow and orange are used to great effect in the tree trunks, planks on the bench, and pillars of lanterns. Other examples below: 

Exhibition: May 14-June 26, 2022
Location: Falls Church Arts Gallery and online
Juror: Beverly Ryan

Deadline for submissions: Sunday, April 17, midnight

Color palette examples of strictly back and white and greyscale works and of works with minimal use of color that would be considered for acceptance: l to r (desktop) or top to bottom (mobile): Leonid Afremov, Ellsworth Kelly, Franz Kline, Vera Mladenovic, Pablo Picasso,  Pierre Soulages, Cy Twombley

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